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GM Touts Breakthrough in Trailer Towing and Braking

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General Motors (GM) is touting a new technology it has developed that will greatly boost safety when pickup trucks are pulling heavy loads. The eBoost Trailer Brake system, still in its concept phase, allows a truck pulling a load to stop in the same distance as it does when not pulling anything.

More specifically, GM gives the example of a truck traveling at 100 km/h with a 9,000-lb load attached. With the system in place, the truck’s stopping distance is reduced by an astounding 40 feet.

"The industry tends to focus on the big towing claim, but the overall towing experience is just as important and every hill climb has a hill to descend on the other side."

- Tim Herrick, Vice President of Global Product Programs at GM

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Photo: D.Rufiange

Here’s how the technology works. The vehicle communicates with the trailer via the cables already connecting the two. The trailer is also now equipped with higher-grade tires and… brakes. Braking is coordinated via software for maximum efficiency.

The system remains at the concept phase because, for now, no trailers currently on the market are equipped to work with the new technology. General Motors says it will work closely with partners to make the needed equipment available for future trailer models to allow for a full rollout of the eBoost Trailer Brake system.

One step at a time, clearly. But if the technology delivers on its significant promise, you can be sure that trailer manufacturers will be quick to adjust to make their products compatible.