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GM President Confirms Electric Pickup Is En Route

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There has been no shortage of indications from inside and outside General Motors that the company is looking hard at producing an all-electric pickup truck. But still, no confirmation had come forth from company HQ.

Back in January, GMC vice president Duncan Aldred did tell CNBC that an electric pickup would be something the company could consider. In April, during the announcement of the company’s first-quarter financial results, GM CEO Mary Barra said basically the same thing.

Now, we get something more concrete, courtesy GM president Mark Reuss. The executive confirmed that the company is actively working on an electric-powered truck.

“We will have a complete electric lineup, including a pickup truck that’s in development.”

- Mark Reuss, president of GM, as cited by Wards Auto

This is thus the first time a top director at the firm confirms the existence of an active development project. Reuss also revealed that GM’s third-generation EV platform will be able to accommodate 10 different types of chassis.

What he did not confirm, however, is whether the electric pickup in development will sit on that new platform. It is possible the model will borrow the architecture of the Chevrolet Silverado.

The EV platform will allow GM to reduce development costs and benefit from a shorter timeframe to reach profitability. In some cases, this would be in 2025, but according to Reuss it could happen more quickly with electric models.

The challenge facing General Motors (as well as Ford, which is also promised an electric pickup) will be to convince the masses of buyers in a segment that’s attached to tradition. There’s also the looming presence of Rivian, not to mention Tesla. Both of these independent companies have pledged to bring electric pickup trucks to market in the near-future.

That will make for a lot of competition to win over a clientele reluctant to abandon its traditional gas-powered fare.