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GM's Electric Vehicles: Details Emerge on Automaker’s Plan

The electrification process at General Motors is gaining steam. At the beginning of October the company announced it will launch two new 100% electric vehicles in the next year, with at least twenty more scheduled to hit the market by 2023.

This week, CEO Mary Berra, in a speech at the Barclay Global Automotive Conference, revealed the image above when discussing products apt to be introduced in the short-term. Unless this is some sort of misleading representation, but we guess not, it looks like one of the first electric models set to join the Chevrolet Bolt EV will be a crossover, probably under the same Chevy banner.

GM’s EV push will really hit its stride, however, when its next-generation platform launches in 2021. The automotive giant, which currently loses money on the sale of every Bolt EV, intends to use that new platform to regain profitability in that department, and is targeting annual global sales of at least 1 million EVs beginning in 2026.