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GM Considering a New, All-Electric Hummer

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For years, Hummer was a favourite target of environmental groups. Now, a new report by Bloomberg raises the incredible possibility that the name could soon become an ally of the green-vehicle movement.

According to the report, General Motors is studying the possibility of bringing back the name, but this type attached to a range of luxury electric vehicles focused on off-road driving. Before the brand was discontinued in 2009 in the wake of GM’s bankruptcy, the company had presented the HX concept vehicle, a potential rival to the Jeep Wrangler. And one of the selling points was its reduced environmental imprint.

What’s more, the idea of producing a competitor to the Wrangler lives on at GM, as we recently reported. Which makes the idea of electric-powered Hummers appearing at some point in the near-future not so outlandish after all.

Photo: GM

As it happens, there are a few Hummer H3 PHEVs on North American roads, as versions specially modified by the Raser company. That firm actually tried unsuccessfully to acquire the Hummer name in 2009.

Recall that General Motors first took ownership of the name back in 1998.