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Digital Dashboard and Super Cruise Coming to the 2022 GMC Sierra

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GMC is preparing a number of changes for the 2022 edition of its Sierra 1500 pickup truck, and confirmed today that the mode will be equipped with Cadillac's Super Cruise Cruise Control technology, as well as a new digital dashboard.

The Super Cruise system, which allows drivers to hand over driving duties to the vehicle on certain stretches of highway without having to intervene, is an impressive piece of technology. We know it will be part of the offering with the new GMC Hummer, but it’s news it would also be included with the next edition of the Sierra pickup truck. The system will be introduced on the high-end Denali version for the 2022 model year.

And, interestingly, GMC says the system will work even with a rear-mounted trailer. What’s more, we can expect it to show up in other versions before too long, including Chevrolet's variant of the pickup, the Silverado.

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In addition to the Super Cruise system, the image shared by GMC also shows that the 2022 Sierra will get an all-digital dashboard. It's likely to be something offered as an option, though it could very well be standard on the Denali variant. We think this new dashboard is a great idea, because the traditional dials offered up GMC have never really been knockouts.

In the image, the green stripe on the steering wheel tells us that the Super Cruise system is present, as does the information displayed in the centre of the screen.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, they say: On the edges of the same image, it’s also possible to see that the air vents have a different design, as does the upper part of the dashboard. Clearly, we can expect a substantially altered interior presentation for the Sierra for 2022.

All in all, some interesting changes are in store for the model in the next 12 to 18 months. More information will certainly filter out over the next year. Stay tuned.

2020 GMC Sierra Dinali
Photo: GMC
2020 GMC Sierra Dinali