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Google Sights Set on Launching Autonomous Taxi Service

Google’s driverless cars, which have been cruising along public roads in several American states for the past few months, may well be part of a fleet of taxicabs. The Internet giant is planning to use their autonomous vehicles as taxis in order to increase public awareness.

Google approached a number of automotive manufacturers in an attempt to form partnerships, but interest was lacking, as most manufacturers have spent considerable amounts in the development of similar technologies.

Google has thus decided to move on, and autonomous taxicabs seem to be the way to go. These vehicles, which can operate in a defined territory without driver assistance, could transport commuters in their daily drives, such as going to work.

Google, along with a number of autonomous vehicle developers, claim that in the next few years, driverless technology will actually make these autonomous vehicles safer to ride than conventional vehicles with drivers, and could, in the long run, decrease the need for consumers to possess their own vehicles.

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Google’s driverless car
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