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37 UberX vehicles seized in Montreal since February

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Since February of this year, the City of Montreal has seized 37 vehicles owned and operated by UberX users who gave discounted rides without a taxi licence, according to La Presse. Officials say they will be even more aggressive in the next few months to eradicate this phenomenon.

Not only do UberX users lose their car, but they also receive a $350 fine for driving an illegal means of transportation. Overall, they can expect to pay around $1,000 in assorted fees to regain their vehicle.

Taxi drivers in Montreal have also launched anti-UberX campaigns by alerting the public about the damage this controversial app-based service causes to the taxi industry.

Uber Montreal general manager Jean-Nicolas Guillemette sees such efforts as an attempt to make his company look evil. He also says the City of Montreal is shamelessly wasting taxpayer money.

Other UberX vehicles have been seized in Quebec City, while more than a dozen UberX drivers have been arrested and charged in Toronto. In fact, Toronto is looking for an injunction to ban the service across the city. A similar initiative began in Edmonton, but the court has denied it. 

UberX is banned in Vancouver, too.