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Herbie the Beetle sold for $115,116

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Herbie, the No. 53 Volkswagen Beetle from 1963 that became a star in five Disney movies including Herbie the Love Bug, was part of the items for sale at a recent Bonhams auction. It ended up fetching $86,250 USD ($115,116 CAD). 

This screen-used Herbie is one of the "invisible driver" cars that featured an elaborate system of sprockets and pulleys connected to a second steering column under the front seat for a rear seat driver. Additionally, it had a second set of pedal assemblies, clutch cables and a shifter extension.

Also up for bid at the “Treasures From the Dream Factory” auction were other famous movie cars such as Steve McQueen’s Porsche 917 from Le Mans, which sold for $425,000 USD ($567,242 CAD).