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Learning the Highway Code: Online Driver’s Ed

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Regardless of where they live, all road users began their training by learning the rules of the road and the basics of safe driving. But thanks to the latest technologies and the innovative thinking of some entrepreneurs, new training models are changing the old training methods by offering new courses on the Internet, as is the case in France and Canada, where online driving schools offer more flexible and attractive training courses for the younger generation.

Study your Highway Code online

While driving courses and the creation of programs preparing for the exam are nothing new, and many publishers of traffic law materials have been at it for years, things have changed quite a bit in recent years. No longer needing to physically present themselves at driving schools to answer the exam’s series of 40 questions, aspiring drivers in France have the opportunity, thanks to the packages offered by online driving schools, to take and pass their theoretical exam from anywhere and at the time of their choosing.

But the real strength of these online courses lies in the follow-up done with students. All their activities on the application are monitored and analyzed in order to guide and advise them in their revisions, while answering their questions thanks to the chat allowing a certified teacher to go back over the elements that could hinder the student during their revisions.

Some of these platforms even offer free Highway Code tests, for instance Ornikar, so that candidates can discover the interface while familiarizing themselves with the product. This is general not a possibility with driving schools based on a more traditional model of driver training.

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Using the flexibility of the Internet to plan practical lessons

In addition to theory courses, online platforms also allow candidates to schedule driver training courses. While these courses are themselves conducted at the wheel of a dual-control vehicle, the entire process of booking driving hours is placed in the hands of the student by making it fully accessible on the internet.

Independent driving instructors recruited by the platform can provide open slots on their timetable, each slot corresponding to one hour of driving that a student can book to suit their schedule and training rhythm, whereas students in conventional driving schools generally have to make do with the schedules imposed on them by their driving school. An undeniable advantage for the younger generation.

Similarly, students using these platforms have the possibility of choosing the driving instructor who will accompany them. It is not always easy to find the ideal instructor, whose teaching methods are perfectly compatible with the student driver's state of mind. These platforms therefore give students the possibility of driving with different instructors offering driving hours near their home before making their choice.

Finally, one other advantage of online driver training courses is the posted price, which is often lower than that of the competition. This is particularly the case in France and Canada, where the price of the same training in a conventional driving school can be as much as twice as high, depending on the region you live in. Online providers can offer a single course cost that applies everywhere.