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For Valentine’s Day, How About Giving a Car Rental or Laps Around a Track?

Every year, without fail, Valentine’s Day brings the age-old question: what to get your loved one that isn’t flowers or chocolates? We’ve got some ideas – and we’re not talking either about a romantic dinner, or a massage at a spa. We are, after all, car lovers around here!

Chances you are as well, since you’re here – and hopefully your loved one is as well! So to spring a nice surprise on your partner and bring added excitement to your relationship, have you considered offering a car for Valentine’s Day? There are a couple of interesting possibilities on that front that stop far short of splurging on a new car, but have the same effect, or almost!

Prestige car rental
Whether it’s for a day, a weekend or a full week, you can bring some added fun to your loved one’s life by renting them a high-end car. You can contact some of the big rental companies, Discount, Avis or Enterprise, for example, or else turn to the myriad smaller rental firms that specialize in sports models and luxury cars – Location VIP in Montreal and Affinity in Toronto, for example.

Are you familiar with Turo? On this car-sharing app, vehicle owners rent out their own car or SUV to other individuals. Prices are more competitive than you’ll find elsewhere, and in some cases you can have the vehicle delivered to your home. In Canada, the service is active in over 225 cities across the country.

Race track laps
One Valentine’s Day gift that should raise your partner’s heart rate is a race driving session. There are various companies in Canada that organize days on race tracks, for example Montreal Exotics Experience and Ultimate Exotics.

A few high-speed laps behind the wheel of a powerful sports car and your partner will find like they’re a certified race car driver. Of course, these types of sessions are always well-organized with safety a foremost concern.

There are also performance driving courses, like those put on by Porsche and Mercedes, or sessions offered at specialized facilities like the Mécaglisse complex north of Montreal, that guarantee excitement with the price of admission, including on snow and ice. These cost more than the other option, but the techniques learned there help make participants better drivers for life!