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Honda Civic Has Now Sold 2 Million Units in Canada!

Introduced in Canada back in 1973, the immensely popular Honda Civic—the country’s best-selling passenger car for 19 consecutive years—has now sold two million copies from coast to coast.

The Civic, which is built in Alliston, Ontario, also happens to be the best-selling Honda vehicle worldwide. Through ten generations, it has never stopped evolving and improving, yet has always remained a benchmark for entry-level compact cars in terms of fuel economy, reliability, and fun driving. 

"The success of the Civic over the years has led to the organic growth of a passionate and dedicated 'Civic Nation'; a community made up of Canadians from all walks of life.  This community may not have common interests or originate from the same place, but it's the love of the Civic that unites them," said Jean Marc Leclerc, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Honda Canada Inc. 

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