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Honda Offers a First Glimpse of the 2023 HR-V

2023 Honda HR-V | Photo: Honda
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Daniel Rufiange
The North American model gets a full unveiling on April 4
2023 Honda HR-V, rear light, badging
2023 Honda HR-V, rear light, badging | Photo: Honda

On April 4, Honda will unveil an important model in its lineup, the highly anticipated next-gen HR-V. The first generation of the subcompact SUV has done well since its arrival in the mid-2010s, but that was starting to be some time ago and there was room for improvement, so we can anticipate great things for the next model.

While we wait for all the information that will be shared in two weeks, the company has shared a first official image, showing the design of the lights (LED in the case of the version shown). Other than that we can note the grey paint and the HR-V logo housed in the lower left side of the tailgate, but beyond that there's very little to go on.

On potentially interesting observation: this image showing us a light is faithful to the sketches that were unveiled earlier by Honda. Those showed us the entire vehicle, from the front and from the back. Does that mean most of the rest of the HR-V will stick closely to the concept as drawn? If so, as it seems to be the case, we’re anticipating discovering an attractive little SUV on April 4th.

We’ll count those chickens when they hatch, however, because Honda has disappointed us in the past when it comes to design.

You may recall that we actually saw a new edition of the HR-V last year, but that was the nmodel destined for global markets. Honda did say at the time that our HR-V would be unique to our continent. So, comparisons are pointless, as is trying to find clues in that version’s design.

Stay tuned for the details on April 4th.

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2023 Honda HR-V, sketch 1
2023 Honda HR-V, sketch 1 | Photo: Honda
2023 Honda HR-V, sketch 2
2023 Honda HR-V, sketch 2 | Photo: Honda
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