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Honda Presents New Line of EVs… for China

The new Ye line of EVs from Honda, coming to the Chinese market | Photo: Honda
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Daniel Rufiange
Honda's first North American electric vehicle is about to launch; but meanwhile the automaker is introducing a well-fed lineup in China.

The Beijing Motor Show is fast approaching - the show runs from April 25 to May 4. In the lead up to that event, Honda yesterday announced it will be presenting there a new line of electric vehicles, simply named "Ye".

The new models will join the manufacturer's e:N series range, which is already on the market in China. The new models set to grace the Honda stand at the show are expected to make their market debut before the end of this year.

Honda Ye P7
Honda Ye P7 | Photo: Honda
Honda Ye S7
Honda Ye S7 | Photo: Honda

The first two expected are the Ye P7 and Ye S7 (we'll let you identify them as cars or small SUVs). Conceived on a new Honda-developed platform, the vehicle can be configured with one motor (rear-wheel drive) or two (all-wheel drive). The company promises sporty handling for the former, impressive power and responsive driving for the latter.

Honda also plans to launch a production version of the Ye GT concept, which has the profile of a sports coupe.

In terms of styling, the vehicles are admittedly elegant, but we can't help noticing a resemblance to the signature adopted by Kia, especially with the S7 (caramel) and GT (red) models.

Honda Ye GT concept
Honda Ye GT concept | Photo: Honda

Honda did not provide a technical specification for the GT model, but it did say it designed the vehicle “to offer the ultimate driving experience.”

The company confirmed the P7 and S7 for this year, while the GT model is promised by the end of 2025.

Honda is very aggressive on the Chinese market with its electric vehicles, where demand and competition are very strong. By 2027, the Japanese firm intends to launch 10 new electric vehicles in China, six of them under the Ye series banner. The Ye series is central to the company's strategy of making its Chinese vehicle range entirely electric by 2035.

Meanwhile, the Prologue SUV, the brand's first electric product for North America, is about to make its debut.

We could be wrong, but it seems to us that these models could be successful here.

Daniel Rufiange
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