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Hyundai and Amazon Prime Now to Partner for Road Tests

Amazon Prime Now is recognized for rapid delivery of groceries and many other household goods. Now it sets its sights on the automotive industry in collaboration with Hyundai.

This past weekend as well as this upcoming weekend, residents of Los Angeles and of Orange County can request a test drive of the 2017 Hyundai Elantra model via “Prime Now. Drive Now.”

Consumers who request it can have the car delivered to home, office or even a local café. Once the road test is completed, those interested in purchasing will be driven to their local dealerships.

This Hyundai initiative is an evident response to a notable trend within the automotive industry, of consumers clamoring for a new kind of purchasing experience.

The past few months alone have brought an emergence of Pop-Up stores (small mobile showrooms), the launching of new apps for booking appointments at dealerships and the advent of companies specialized in delivering cars to specific locations, either for road tests or for direct purchase. This is against a backdrop of ongoing increases in the use of virtual showrooms and in online car purchases.