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Chicago 2020: Hyundai debuts the 2020 Sonata Hybrid... but confirms there won't be a plug-in version

The drop in sales of the model and the high price point of the PHEV version made Hyundai’s decision an easy one Automotive columnist: , Updated:

Hyundai first rolled out a plug-in hybrid version of its Sonata sedan in 2016. The company has now confirmed that the next generation of the model that’s about to make its debut will not be produced in that configuration. Since the first presentation of the new Sonata late last year, the question of whether we would continue to see a PHEV remained unanswered – until now.

A Hyundai representative on hand at the Chicago Auto Show - at which the 2020 Sonata hybrid made its North American debut - revealed that the mid-size sedan will not be produced this coming year in a version you can plug in.

There was no one reason given for the decision, rather the representative cited a desire by the automaker to focus on delivering the best possible simple hybrid variant of the Sonata. Doubtless the falling sales of the model and particularly the current PHEV version had something to do with the cancellation as well.

While the company did not provide exact figures, it made clear that the PHEV variant accounts for just a small percentage of Sonata sales, which have been falling overall to start with. In 2016 Hyundai sold over 200,000 units of the model in North America. Last year the total dropped below 100,000. Also hindering the performance of the PHEV is the high price point, this for a model that offers an electric range of 43 km.

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Photo: Hyundai

Consumers, not surprisingly, stayed away.

As for that new Sonata hybrid show in Chicago, the consumption figures associated with it are promising: 4.5L/100 km combined for the Blue variant, which is the stingiest on fuel in the lineup. The other hybrid versions will average 5.0L/100 km. The model features a unique Solar Roof System (SRS) to help increase driving range

As soon as the occasion arises we will be test driving the 2020 Sonata hybrid and providing you with a full review.

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Photo: Hyundai
Photo: Hyundai
Photo: Hyundai