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Infiniti Teases First Image of its Future QX55

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The Infiniti QX55, the next SUV to come from the Japanese luxury brand, is due only next year but already the manufacturer is setting the table, starting with a first image that provides a glimpse of what the model will look like as it attempts, among other challenges, to make people forget about the sad end of the QX50’S career.

The troubles experienced by the latter model coincided with the arrival in the product offering of a variable-compression 4-cylinder turbo engine. Since then its fortunes have crumbled; it was clear that new blood was needed. 

That new blood will course through the veins of the QX55. The first image published shows an SUV with a sleek, coupe-style silhouette, currently very much in vogue in the segment. You’ll recall that was the approach adopted by Infiniti back in 2003 for the first iteration of the model, the FX. 

The company has clearly come to understand that with the likes of the BMW X4 M40i and Mercedes-AMG GLC populating the segment, half-measures would not do. And so while the variable-compression engine remains for the QX55, that unit will get a worthy transmission to manage it. By unanimous agreement, a continuously variable transmission just doesn’t cut it in a luxury segment. Let’s also put in a request for a more muscular powertrain. The engineers at Infiniti have work to do in the coming months. 

The company provided no further details to accompany the image of its future SUV, but it did say it will have more to share between now and the unveiling of the model in 2020. 

Dare we make a fearless prediction and say we’ll be seeing the finished product at the Detroit auto show next June? Have we ever been wrong?

Stay tuned.