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Jaguar Land Rover announces pothole-busting technology

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Jaguar Land Rover has developed a unique system that can detect and measure potholes, allowing drivers to sidestep bad sections of pavement or at the very least slow down and let the adjustable suspension soften the blow. 

Actually, the technology isn't limited to potholes: It can recognize other roadway defects like frost heaves, and even manhole covers. Data is then shared in real time through the cloud to help authorities make repairs. 

Autoguide reports that Jaguar Land Rover is currently working with Coventry County in the U.K. to determine the best way to make it all work.

Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport models equipped with MagneRide technology also feature an array of sensors that allow them to profile the road and identify the aforementioned defects. They can't, however, send data through the cloud.