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Jaguar Is Working on Three New Electric SUVs

Jaguar I-Pace
Photo: Jaguar
The automaker wants its transition electric to happen quickly; by 2025 its lineup will be totally new Automotive expert , Updated:

Jaguar already offers one electric SUV, but the I-Pace has occupied a lonely spot in the carmaker’s lineup in recent years. What’s more, in recent months, we haven't heard much more about the company's electrification plans going forward.

That’s now changed, via an Autocar report that reveals that the British automaker is working on three new electric SUVs that should make their debut in the next few years. They will be based on a new architecture (codenamed Panthera) and of course be central to Jaguar’s efforts to complete its transition to offering only electrified vehicles starting in 2025.

We'll have to be patient, though, because according to Autocar, a first concept is only due to be presented… late in 2024.

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The smallest of the three is said to have similar styling to the Range Rover Sport, but will be offered in three- and five-door configurations. Jaguar is also working on a new model to meet demand for the U.S. and Chinese markets. On board, the use of eco-friendly materials is promised for the upholstery, with elements such as wool, silk and recycled fabrics, topped off with ceramic, stone and glass accents.

The aluminum platform that will serve the vehicles is modular to allow for single- or dual-engine versions. It will be an 800V architecture and the batteries could be supplied by the Envision AESC group.

Not surprisingly, autonomous driving technologies will be part of the deal as well.

All this is still a long way off, but at least we have an idea of what’s in the works at Jaguar.