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The Jeep Recon Could Be Produced Also as a Hybrid

2025 Jeep Recon | Photo: Jeep
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Daniel Rufiange
Given the popularity of its hybrid SUVs in North America; Jeep is considering other possibilities for its future all-electric model, the Recon.

Like other manufacturers, Jeep is preparing to launch a number of new all-electric models. One of those is the Recon SUV, a cousin of the Wrangler and designed to excel off-road.

But also like other manufacturers, the automaker is seeing the direction of the wind currently in North America, and is starting to bet the combustion engine will stay alive longer than expected. It’s in that context that reports that Jeep is considering equipping its new Recon with a hybrid powertrain as well are not that surprising.

New Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa was asked about that by both Automotive News and Autocar. He delivered essentially the same speech to both, explaining that Jeep's other expected electric model, the Wagoneer S, will definitely be an all-electric affair only, but that in the case of the Recon, options are on the table. Flexibility was the word bandied about.

He told the Autocar that “[While] being faithful to our main strategy of deep electrification, we can think about opportunities on Recon. Let’s see: Recon will be built on a platform that is very versatile.” He did add that that when it comes to that model, the company is “analyzing if there are options for the future — but so far it’s BEV.”

4xe badging on the 2024 Jeep Wrangler
4xe badging on the 2024 Jeep Wrangler | Photo: Jeep

The upcoming Jeep Recon is based on the STLA Large platform developed by parent company Stellantis. That architecture is flexible and can accommodate other mechanical configurations. The main difference between the Recon and the Wrangler is that the former's structure will be monobody, rather than the truck-like structure of the Wrangler, which it will retain even when switching to electric power.

The Jeep Recon being offered with a hybrid powertrain as well falls in line with the Filosa's belief in offering freedom of choice when it comes to powertrains. He told Automotive News that “Better, to us, means more freedom of choice and means to provide a lineup that has different propulsion opportunities for our customers. What we have now is a full range of offerings that, probably, our competitors will be later to get to.”

While a hybrid Jeep Recon is obviously far from certain, we now know the idea is trotting around in the heads of Jeep decision-makers. Jeep will also consider the fact that the Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe were the two best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicles in the USA in 2022 and 2023. The brand expects to sell 175,000 plug-in hybrids this year.

With figures like these, it would be remiss not to explore all possible options.

Filosa, new to the position of Jeep CEO, has his work cut out for him. His agenda for the brand includes a return to one million annual sales worldwide, finding a marketing angle that appeals to die-hard Jeepers and casual visitors alike, improving reliability, enhancing dealer relations and an even bumpier transition to electric vehicles.

Daniel Rufiange
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