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Jeep Will Soon Present an Electric Wrangler Prototype

Jeep Wrangler electric prototype | Photo: Jeep
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Daniel Rufiange
If all goes to plan, we could see a production version in 2022

Every corner of the automotive industry has been drawn into the march towards electric mobility. We’ve seen proof of that everywhere, and the latest bit of that comes with Jeep’s announcement that it will present an all-electric Wrangler prototype this spring at the Jeep Safari event.

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The automaker posted an image on its “The Road Ahead” minisite that shows a Wrangler that’s wholly recognizable – which should reassure fans of the model. Also displayed is an diagram of the prototype’s internal organs, which shows the battery pack placed under the floor of the interior as well as most of the electrical components where you would traditionally find the gas-engine elements.

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Jeep Wrangler electric prototype, batteries
Jeep Wrangler electric prototype, batteries | Photo: Jeep

We gather from all this the model will be configured with an electric motor and a transfer case, but nothing’s confirmed for the moment, and Jeep has not divulged any details to do with the EV’s capacities.

The Wrangler electric prototype will be shown this spring at Jeep Safari, which always takes place around Easter. The event serves as a showcase for various prototypes and special editions that Jeep is working on, so expect to see any number of interesting and out-there projects aside from the Wrangler BEV.

Jeep’s website in fact teases a few of those other models and ideas, for instance charging stations powered with solar panels, designed to provide future owners of electric Wranglers with charging options even when they’re far from the electric grid. Jeep plant to deploy these in a few selected places that tend to attract off-roaders, like Moab in Utah (where the Jeep Safari takes place) and the Rubicon in California.

The production model of the Jeep Wrangler EV should be ready to go sometime early in 2022, if all goes to plan.

Solar-powered charging station
Solar-powered charging station | Photo: Jeep
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