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UK Contest Will Have Hunters Seek Buried Keys to a New Fiat 500 – and It’s Finders Keepers!

2022 Fiat 500
Photo: Fiat
No longer sold here in Canada, the Fiat 500 will serve as the holy grail of a unique contest to be held in England Automotive expert , Updated:
Fiat 500 contest in UK
Fiat 500 contest in UK
Photo: Scrap Car Comparison

•    The Scrap Car Comparison website has buried the keys to a new Fiat 500 somewhere in the UK as part of a contest.

•    Clues will be revealed on October 18 that will eventually lead the luckiest/most clever/most determined participants to find the location of the keys. Then it’s finder keepers!

•    In England, a study revealed that more than 20 percent of drivers experience weekly stress due to the cost of operating their vehicle.

The keys to a new car were buried somewhere in the UK by the folks at Scrap Car Comparison. The reason? A promotion that takes the form of a scavenger hunt. The winner who finds the location of the keys wins the car they belong to: a new 2022 Fiat 500. 

This nationwide scavenger hunt will be open to all drivers in the UK. Clues to the location of the keys to the new Fiat 500 will be posted online on Tuesday, October 18 at 9 a.m. local time. 

Featured on the Scrap Car Comparison website, the clues will reference a unique combination of three words, allowing any participant who can decipher them to locate the exact location of the keys, using the popular what3words app. In true scavenger-hunt style, the first to claim the keys gets to keep the car.

Dan Gick, CEO of Scrap Car Comparison, explained the thinking behind the contest this way: “We found that over a fifth of drivers are feeling stressed about car costs every single week, but in a society where owning a car can be essential for so many, this stress can be inescapable.” 

The promotion is a way to take one cause of stress out of the equation: the cost of acquiring the car, at least for the eventual winner.

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2022 Fiat 500, interior
2022 Fiat 500, interior
Photo: Fiat

Why a Fiat 500 in particular? The website explains that it was chosen for its ease of use for drivers, young and old, as well as its lower fuel consumption and practicality both in the city and on the highway.

We can't participate in this hunt on this side of the Atlantic, but there's nothing to stop us from following along. You can do that on the Scrap Car Comparison website. 

And who knows, if this campaign is a success, we may see the idea make its way to this side of the pond.

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