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Kia, 69th Best Valued Global Brand According to Interbrand

Interbrand has published its annual list of the 100 top global brands according to value, and for 2016, Kia has attained the 69th position. This represents a climb of five positions over the previous year. In terms of numbers, the manufacturer has a value of $6.3 billion USD this year, representing an increase of 12% over 2015 (when it was valued at $5.7 billion USD). Since 2006, Kia has seen its value increased seven times, for a leap of 603% in 10 years. This increase coincides with decisions made at Kia in 2006 that pinned its growth strategy on managing the design of its vehicles. The year 2006 also marked the arrival of Peter Schreyer as the company’s design chief

The awards and recognition have been multiplying for Kia in recent years. J.D. Power lists it in first place for initial vehicle quality – a first for a non-luxury carmaker in 27 years. The company has also received a number of design awards for its vehicles, and its visibility has grown thanks to its sponsorship of several major sports organizations, such as the LPGA, the NBA and FIFA, for example.