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Kia Rolls Out New Logo, New Slogan

Kia decided to kick off the new year with a new logo and new slogan and a vast - really vast -  display of fireworks.

The logo, which has been previewed so is not much of a surprise, shows the K-I-A letters, but in a more stylized design, with the letters connected. The company’s top brass pointed out that the logo was conceived so it bears some resemblance to cursive handwriting, which it says signaled Kia’s commitment to its new brand mandate.

And what would that be, exactly? We’ll have to wait until January 15, when Kia has scheduled a presentation providing more details regarding that its new orientation.

The new logo will gradually start to appear on the brand’s models starting this year.

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Kia explained that since it is reorganizing nearly all aspects of its activities, a new slogan was in order to go with the new logo. Movement That Inspires is it.

The logo and slogan are an outgrowth of a plan presented at the tail end of 2020, as part of which the company announced it is investing $25 billion into developing and commercializing new models. The company will focus on electric vehicles and wants to launch seven such models before the end of 2027.

New Kia logo
Photo: Kia
New Kia logo