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Kia Previews 7 Electric Models it Wants to Offer by 2027

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Earlier this week we reported that Kia plans to introduce a first all-electric vehicle next year, and that it would be the first of seven fully electric models to be rolled out by 2027.

Yesterday, the Korean automaker presented a first image showing the general outlines of the seven models. Recall that the company has said that by 2029, it wants 25% of its global sales to consist of all-electric vehicles.

The main thing we learn from this new image, of course, is the format of each of the future EVs. The other day Kia explained that the seven models would each slide into a separate category. Given all this, we can extrapolate certain things then. For example, the image clearly shows SUVs on the left and cars on the right; and, it’s safe to say there’s probably a sports car in the bunch.

Kia is no newcomer to the electric-vehicle domain, of course. The automaker launched its first electric-powered vehicle back in 2011, an electrified version of the Ray, and its current lineup includes battery-powered versions of the Soul and the Niro.

Recall as well that the seven new models in the works will be designed from the get-go as electric-only models, and won’t be derived by gas-engine models. Here Kia is following the same approach taken by Volkswagen, which chose to group together its fully electric models under the ID banner.

It’s still not known the precise branding approach Kia will take with its EVs. Will Kia make like sister-company Hyundai and create an all-electric division? Stay tuned.

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The seven future all-electric models coming from Kia
Photo: Kia
The seven future all-electric models coming from Kia