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Land Rover Range Rover : Used

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Justin Pritchard
Range Rover appeals mostly on luxury, class
Model:  Land Rover Range Rover : Used

Vehicle Type: 4x4

The Verdict: If you’re considering a used Range Rover from this generation, keep in mind that it’s not a vehicle bought for reliability or affordable repair bills. If you’re after a cheap-to-run sport ute, this isn’t the model for you. Opting against a supercharged model will reduce your fuel bill -- slightly.

Price Of A Used Land Rover Range Rover: Earlier models in this generation with higher mileage can be had for under $15,000, while a newer, low-mileage unit will relieve owners of $45,000 or more.

2008 Land Rover Range Rover 3/4 view
Photo: Philippe Champoux

What Owners Like: Luxury, go-anywhere capability, exclusivity and a great deal of “presence” are noted by owners. Smooth performance and an ultra-posh cabin are also noted.

What Owners Dislike: As it goes with expensive premium models, most owners don’t report any “complaints” about their Range Rovers; though, almost all wish for better gas mileage.

History/Description: Capable, luxurious and packing world-class comfort features, the last-generation Land Rover Range Rover hit the road with V8 (or supercharged V8) power, four-wheel drive and a long list of goodies when it launched as a 2003 model.

Feature content included dual-zone climate control, a sunroof, navigation, and plenty more. Air suspension, a CD changer and xenon lights were on board, too.

Depending on the year and model in question, this posh off-roader could be kitted up via numerous trim levels and option packages to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

Common Issues With The Used Range Rover: Wiring. Sensors. Modules. The Range Rover (like all new cars) is full of electronic stuff that can experience issues, so approach a used model looking for signs of trouble. Be sure all electrically operated accessories function as expected, and check for any warning lights or messages.

2008 Land Rover Range Rover inside
Photo: Philippe Champoux

Have the air suspension checked out by a mechanic after you toggle it through its various settings to confirm it operates without any warning lights illuminating. This is an expensive-to-repair system that will eventually wear out and fail.

Be sure to toggle the 4x4 system between its various modes too, checking for signs of trouble along the way.

Numerous Range Rover owners on forums say that buying from a dealer and bargaining for an extended warranty is a good idea.

Ensure the seller was fond of regular maintenance, including fluid changes, and be sure to get two working remote key fobs, too. A model with full service records is ideal for added peace of mind.

Take the Range Rover in question to a Land Rover dealership and have it inspected in the air for signs of rust, leaks, suspension wear, and tire condition. While beneath the vehicle, a mechanic can help uncover any potentially hidden issues that could cost money down the line. Have the computer “scanned” for any trouble codes, which could indicate issues, as well.

Confirm proper operation of the air conditioner, all power windows, and the sunroof, too. Finally, a “grinding” sound from the rear end during tight, low-speed corners could be a sign of a differential that’s wearing or worn out.

2008 Land Rover Range Rover front view
Photo: Philippe Champoux

Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard
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