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Watch Luc Besson’s shocking video about road safety

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Every day, 1.8 billion children around the world leave their house to go to school. Sadly, around 500 of them get hit by a car and die. 

French director Luc Besson was commissioned by FIA president Jean Todt to make a video that will raise drivers’ awareness. In it we see surveillance footage of kids getting violently ran over by cars.

“It was more than time to act,” said Todt during the launch of the safety campaign. “We needed to shock people, to scare them good, because they must realize what’s actually going on. Naturally, I thought about my buddy Luc Besson, who knows how to create moving images that inspire people.”

Shot in Paris and South Africa, the clip highlights the dangers children face on their way to school, no matter where they live on the planet.