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Lucid Air Gets $105,000 Starting Price for Canada

The Lucid Studio in Vancouver
Photo: Lucid Motors
Derek Boshouwers
Pricing for the EV comes with the automaker announcing the opening of the Lucid Studio shopping space in Vancouver

Lucid hit a double to straightaway north today with the announcement of Canadian pricing for the Air and of a first retail space in Canada.

The Lucid Air all-electric vehicle will set back Canadian buyers $105,000 CAD, or more. The fledgling automaker today announced the pricing structure for its first model to come to market, the first time it has attached sticker prices to its Air anywhere outside of the U.S.

There are four separate trims for the Lucid Air electric sedan, which delivers an eye-popping range of up to 836 km in its most expensive iteration.

The Air Pure base model gets a 480-hp powertrain with a still-impressive 653 km of range and that $105,000 MSRP.

From there buyers can go to the Air Touring, which benefits from more power (620 hp), but the same range. It lists at $129,000.

Above it sits the, ahem, grander Grand Touring variant. For the low, low price of $189,000, buyers get 800 hp from the powertrain and a big boost in range, to 830 km.

Last comes the Dream Edition ($229,000), available with two different configurations. One maximizes range and delivers 836 km of it, with output pegged at 933 hp. The other prioritizes performance and thus gifts drivers a maximum output of 1,111 hp, with range of “only” 758 km. Shockingly, these variants get the names Range and Performance, respectively. Note that Lucid is treating this version as a launch edition and plans to produce only 520 units of it., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

The Lucid Air
The Lucid Air
Photo: Lucid Motors

Lucid invites Canadian consumers to place their orders (online) starting today, but asks for a $400 deposit for the Air Pure, and $1,300 for the Touring and Grand Touring. As previously reported, production is already underway, and the company hopes to start delivering finished products to customers before the calendar flips to November.

Lucid Studio in Vancouver
Meanwhile, Lucid is about to open its first retail space in Canada, with the Lucid Studio opening at CF Pacific Centre in Vancouver officially on October 16th. It will include innovations like augmented reality (via a 4K VR configurator) to seduce buyers and show them all the neat options they can choose to make their Air more personalized and more expensive, such as different exterior colours and interior finishes and materials.

Lucid plans to open a second Canadian space somewhere in the Greater Toronto in 2022; expect Montreal and perhaps other locations to follow.

..VersionPowerRange (projected)Price
 Lucid Air Pure480 hp653 km$105,000
 Lucid Air Touring620 hp653 km$129,000
 Lucid Air Grand Touring800 hp830 km$189,000
 Lucid Air Dream Ed. (Range)933 hp836 km$229,000
 Lucid Air Dream Ed. (Performance)1,111 hp758 km$229,000


The Lucid Air, profile
The Lucid Air, profile
Photo: Lucid Motors
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