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A Mazda CX-60 Is Spotted On-Road in Japan

Speculation is that Mazda is planning four SUVs on its new platform; two of them will be heading to North America Automotive columnist: , Updated:

We know that Mazda is preparing several SUVs that will benefit from a rear-wheel-drive-based platform. A first glimpse of one of these models made its way across the internet this week. The CX-60 – we know the name because the front plate says so - was spotted during the shooting of a promotional or commercial video in Japan.

The video the images are taken from has since been taken down, but as you can guess, the images have made the rounds online, and of course started the speculation game.

The video showed two SUVs driving on a coastal road. The screenshots show a model that is larger than a CX-5. In Mazda’s familiar calligraphy are the “Mazda CX-60” letters on the front nose, which confirms that this SUV will eventually be available on the market., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

The Mazda CX-60, on the road
The Mazda CX-60, on the road
Photo: YouTube (screenshot)

In total, Mazda is planning four SUVs based on its rear-wheel drive LVP platform. The two-row CX-60 and the smaller, narrower three-row CX-80 are planned for Japan and Europe. The CX-70 and CX-90 (two-row and three-row, respectively) are earmarked for North America.

As for the styling, we recognize the Mazda grille, but although it appears wider than on the other models, the overall design remains rather simple and discreet.

The proportions and stance are more reminiscent of a BMW X5, for example.

Vehicles built on this rear-wheel-drive platform and destined for our part of the world would be available with Mazda's Skyactiv inline 6-cylinder engines, as well as some form of electrification, perhaps in the form of a plug-in hybrid system.

Any further speculation is probably pointless – it will be quite some time before the planned models arrive here. But at least we know Mazda is on the move, and that’s a good thing indeed - the automaker is in need of new products.