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Mazda Working on New-Generation Rotary Engine

Mazda has announced it is working on the development of a radically different rotary engine, with over 100 engineers at the carmaker currently involved in the project. The rotary engine was a trademark of Mazda’s since it was first introduced in 1965 in the Mazda Cosmo, but it was discontinued in 2012 due to ongoing issues with emissions, torque performance and fuel efficiency. The RX8 was the last Mazda model to feature the engine.

Mazda spokesperson Jeremy Barnes said that research on improving on what was and remains a distinctive feature associated with the manufacturer never stopped, adding that when it comes to rotary engines, “there’s this incredible passion within the company.”

The new version of the internal-combustion motor, to be called the 16X, has no pistons and increases displacement from 1.3L to 1.6L, thus solving the torque output issue. The plan among Mazda engineers taking part in the development project is to use the experience and knowledge gained from Mazda’s SkyActiv technology to improve fuel efficiency in the new rotaries.