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Having Just Launched it, Mercedes-Benz Recalls the New EQC

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Having just launched its highly touted EQC all-electric SUV, Mercedes-Benz is already being forced to recall the model.

The automaker’s recall campaign will address the issue of an anomaly discovered related to the vehicle’s front differential. A bolt located at the front axle has been found to fall short of durability standards. If it were to break, torque delivery to the front wheels could be affected and the vehicle could become very difficult to control.

Some 1,700 EQC models in all are affected by the recall. As delivery of the EQC has so far been restricted to overseas markets, there are no vehicles in North America impacted by the recall.

So why bother mentioning it? Because the new EQC is a vital product for the future of electric mobility at Mercedes-Benz. The company has a lot invested in the model, and no doubt they will be hoping this is an isolated issue.