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Mercedes-Benz announces rebranding for compact roadster model

Mercedes-Benz announced this week a new compact roadster model called the SLC, which will take the place of the popular SLK model the carmaker first launched in 1996. The SLC will come in five distinct versions, and pre-orders will be accepted as of mid-January 2016. The first SLC models are expected to arrive at dealerships starting in April 2016.

The SLK was one of the most distinctive compact roadsters to hit the market in the 1990s, and has sold upwards of 670,000 units globally. In relaunching the model under the SLC banner, Mercedes-Benz is seeking to build on that success by highlighting the introduction of new technologies and an updated appearance.

The new name of the SLC acknowledges its close links with Mercedes-Benz’ C-Class cars, with the two lines sharing a large number of technological features. Consumers will be able to choose from five versions, bookended by the economical SLC 250 d and the high-performance SLC 43.


2017 Mercedes-Benz SLC pictures