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An Electric Conversion Kit for Old Minis, for “Only” $52,000. Hello!

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Last week, General Motors (GM) presented an old Chevrolet Blazer that had been given the treatment by a conversion package to transform it into an all-electric-powered vehicle. It was mentioned that this practice will increase over the next few years.

This week, something similar was announced from across the pond, in England to be precise.

This package, developed by British firm Swindon Powertrain, is designed to refit old Mini Coopers. To that end it’s designed specifically to fit into the small frame of a Mini, which is no small task. The kit is delivered with all the necessary supports to make the installation doable, if not easy.

Known as the HPD E Powertrain, the kit includes an electric motor able to deliver a maximum 160 hp and a transmission mounted in the rear of the car.

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The buyer must then add a battery, electronic control system and charger, all offered by Swindon. The battery, designed to be placed under the hood of the Mini, has a capacity of 12 kWh. No range estimates were mentioned. However, considering the light weight of old Minis, and consequently the lower amount of energy needed to get it moving, we could be talking about pretty decent range.

However, those interested in the conversion kit will really have to want it bad, because its price is higher than that of the modern electric version of the Mini Cooper, the SE. Swindon charges £8,850 for the electric motor and transmission. The battery costs £16,000, the electronic controls £3,860 and the charger £1,950. This brings the total to £30,660, which translates into just over $52,000 CAD.

The set can be ordered through the Swindon Powertrain website and deliveries will begin in December.

Considering the price point, many would-be buyers will probably take a pass on it. But should costs star to come down as they’re expected to do with EVs in the next few years, that could change. The concept is certainly intriguing – just not $52,000-level intriguing.

2020 Mini Cooper SE
Photo: D.Heyman
2020 Mini Cooper SE