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Mini Will Be First BMW Group Brand to Offer Only Electric Powertrains

BMW’s annual conference revealed a number of things, and one of them was that Mini is set to be the first of the automotive group’s brands to go all-electric. Specifically, what this means is that the last Mini to feature purely a combustion-engine powertrain will be produced in 2025. Beyond that, all models will be either hybrids or purely battery-electric.

On the further horizon, BMW says that by 2030 even hybrid powertrains will have disappeared from the automaker’s product offering.

Mini thus joins other automakers, most notably Volvo and Jaguar, in committing to going full-on electric within the next decade. BMW as a whole says it wants to offer 13 all-electric models within the next 2-3 years, though it’s worth noting most of those will be offered in the near-term in global markets, not in North America. For now, Mini already contributes one model to that total with its Cooper SE. The British automaker also previously announced that there will be electric-powered John Cooper Works versions coming down the pike at some point.

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Mini Cooper SE, bdaging
Photo: V.Aubé
Mini Cooper SE, bdaging