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Los Angeles 2016: Mitsubishi’s eX Concept Unveiled

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This week’s Los Angeles Auto Show was the setting for Mitsubishi to unveil its eX concept, the first version of which was first presented last year at the Tokyo Auto Show. This fully electric SUV offers an estimated range of 420 km (248 miles) and can produce up to 188 HP (94 HP each to the front and rear sets of wheels). In addition, it features autonomous driving capabilities, such as a valet mode that allows the vehicle to park itself. Three driving modes are available, as is an S-AWC all-wheel drive powertrain.

The Mitsubishi eX concept also showcases a number of state-of-the-art active safety features developed by the carmaker, including front and rear Cross Traffic Alert technology, a sensor that detects road conditions, a lane-change warning system and more. Its rugged and athletic demeanour, meanwhile, hints strongly at the stylistic direction the manufacturer intends to take in the coming years.