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New Ford Shelby GT500 Officially Pushing 500 Horsepower

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Khatir Soltani
Ford Hits Magic Number with 2007 Shelby Mustang

The auto industry's best performance car value? No doubt Ford dealers would like to hang a similar moniker around its new
Ford's ultimate Mustang now packs 500 horsepower under its ventilated hood. (Photo: Ford Motor Company of Canada)
Shelby GT500's rearview mirror when pricing is finally announced, but boosting horsepower over the magical 500 mark will definitely make up for any increases over the previous SVT Mustang Cobra's sub-$50K range.

Initially, the Shelby GT500, soon to be available in coupe and convertible form, was slated to make 475 horsepower from its supercharged 5.4-litre V8, but an increase of 25 hp makes all the psychological difference - it's now in Viper territory. Torque will be just shy of the Viper at 480 lb-ft, but ample nevertheless.

"With 500 hp and the Shelby name, this car is an instant legend," commented Hau Thai-Tang, director, Advanced Product Creation & SVT programs.  "This is the most powerful, most capable Mustang ever."

It's true, when put side by side to legendary Shelby models of yesteryear, even
Coupe and convertible models are available. (Photo: Ford Motor Company of Canada)
the awe-inspiring GT500 KR, the new 2007 model that bears the same name will outpace it in straight-line acceleration and decimate it in the corners - the early cars weren't anywhere near as stable. And just to be clear, Ford hasn't upgraded the 2007 GT500 with an independent rear suspension, as was done with the previous generation SVT Mustang Cobra, being that the new live axle setup is already very capable and traditional Mustang fans demanded a solid rear axle - better at the drag strip. No complicated independent rear suspension also keeps the car lighter, and even more importantly allows for a lower price point.

At the heart of
The new GT500 has the seal of approval of every car enthusiast's favourite octogenarian, Carroll Shelby. (Photo: Ford Motor Company of Canada)
the new GT500 is Ford's modular V8, which shares components, such as its four-valve cylinder heads, plus piston rings and bearings from the automaker's supercar, the GT40 inspired mid-engine GT. Its Roots-type supercharger makes nine pounds per square inch, resulting in its 500 horsepower rating.

That rating, by the way, was third-party witnessed and is SAE compliant. The engine will be produced in Ford's Romeo Engine Plant in Romeo, Michigan, and be available in the fully modified Mustang, which gets a new hood, front clip, additional body panel upgrades, reworked suspension, new tires and wheels, plus a re-trimmed interior, this summer. Pricing, therefore, should be available soon.
Khatir Soltani
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