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New tire concept changes colour at 7 degrees Celsius! (+video)

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Canadian Tire has partnered with ARTIS, a leading rubber research and development organization, to design a temperature-sensitive all-season tire with a rubber sidewall strip that changes from white to a vivid blue at 7°C -- the point at which drivers should consider changing to winter tires.

“Our team at ARTIS took a particular interest in this project as it presented an idea we believe no one had considered before Canadian Tire,” stated Dr. Joe Hallett, Commercial Manager, ARTIS. “Canadian Tire is one of few leaders in delivering the message of winter driving safety. As a father of young children, I share their desire to communicate how important it is to use winter tires. Through an extensive Research & Development process, we have created a concept that could help to change our thinking.”

According to a 2013 in-house study commissioned by Canadian Tire, 80% of Canadians were surprised to learn that the best time to switch to winter tires is when temperatures drop to below 7°C -- not after the first snowfall.

While still at concept stage, expect this innovative tire to enter production sooner than later.