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New Winter Tires

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I know it might seem slightly depressing to think about next winter before this one is even over, but hear me out. As this cold season comes to a close, you’ll want to start considering next winter’s tire options for your vehicle. Why? Well, companies are starting to release their new winter rubber technology, and as it is the “off season” as of March, you can pretty much guarantee a better price and availability before the winter-tire buying rush begins.

Here at we want to make sure you get a head start on your winter tire selection this coming year. So, be sure to check out our Winter Tire Review: Best of 2013.

With advice from PMC Tire on everything from the top performance winter tires for your car to the best winter tires for SUV/CUVs, we’ve got you covered. And we even got to take a closer look at Bridgestone’s brand new Blizzak WS80s, as well as Michelin’s X-ice 3 tires.

Better to be prepared then stuck in a snowy ditch, right?