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Radically different styling for the next Hyundai Tucson?

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Hyundai has in recent years embarked on a new design philosophy that seeks to get away from cookie-cutter designs for its product range. The idea is to do what it takes to avoid having every model in the lineup look the same, distinguishable only by its format.

We’ve in the past few months that Hyundai has introduced unique fascia on new models like the Elantra sedan, the new Palisade SUV and the upcoming Venue small crossover.

This trend is set to continue. Hyundai’s product planning manager Andrew Tuatahi, confirmed this week that the next Hyundai Tucson generation will be “very interesting visually; it's going to appeal to a very broad audience, I think."

In an interview with Wichcar website, the executive that the biggest change for the SUV will have to do with its styling and design. Earlier this year, the company’s global design director, SangYup Lee, said modestly that "the whole world will freak out" when the look of the next Tucson is revealed. The bolder appearance will be matched by an upgraded interior and a bunch of new and improved technologies.

The freak-out will have to wait a bit, however. The next-gen Tucson is expected to be presented sometime next year and debut as a 2021 model. Production is scheduled to get under way within two years.