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Nissan’s largest euro plant now running on solar and wind power

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The Nissan Sunderland Plant in the U.K., which happens to be the Japanese automaker’s largest manufacturing facility in Europe, is now using solar and wind power, according to a recent press release.

Made of up 19,000 photo-voltaic panels, the new 4.75MW solar farm has been installed alongside the 10 wind turbines that have been generating 6.6MW of clean power annually for Nissan in Sunderland since 2005. 

They will account for 7% of the plant’s total energy consumption, thus considerably reducing its carbon footprint. That’s enough to build the equivalent of 31,374 vehicles a year.

The inauguration of the new solar farm comes as Nissan celebrates its 30th anniversary of manufacturing in the U.K.


Photo: Nissan