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Nissan readying new 370Z for digital launch

Automotive expert , Updated:
Nissan's 350Z was launched as a 2003 model, and its successor, the new 370Z is getting set up to fill its shoes this spring. It's the first full redesign of the model since its launch 5 years ago, and Nissan says that the updated 370Z will build on the strengths of its predecessor with plenty of performance, style and value when it goes on sale.

If you'd like to get a dose of the new car before spring, it's available for test-drives in a new video game called "Need for Speed: Undercover". It's the first time an automaker has teamed up with a video game company for a vehicle premiere, and it will see the 370Z get an on-screen appearance in front of North American and European gamers when it goes on sale this November.

Keith Munro, VP of Marketing at Electronic Arts, explains "For the past 15 years, Need for Speed has helped define contemporary automotive culture by bridging the gap between gamers and the world's hottest cars. As such, we are very excited to partner with one of the automotive powerhouses today to exclusively reveal the all-new Nissan Z. Need for Speed is about style, fast-paced action and power; this is definitely a car made for Need for Speed fans. Come November, they'll be able to test drive the all-new 370Z in the game before the car is released on the market."

"Our relationship with EA has been instrumental in bringing the Nissan brand to a passionate and unique audience," added Christian Meunier, VP of Nissan Marketing. "By launching the all-new 2009 Nissan Z first through Need for Speed: Undercover, we also gain the spirit and energy that EA gamers experience so strongly. Together with EA, we have truly integrated the all-new 370Z in the overall game experience in a meaningful, multi-layered and profound way."

The new 370Z makes its first real-life debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 19th.