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The Infiniti G37 blows its top

Automotive expert , Updated:
Infiniti chose to unveil the convertible version of its G37 in Los Angeles. Already hailed in its coupe and cabrio version, the G, closely related to the Japanese Skyline, will however be the only one to blow its top, as the convertible will be exclusive to the luxury brand and won't be shared with Nissan in any other market worldwide.

The utterly remarkable result was ensured by a three-part roof that folds into a compartment in the trunk.

No surprise in terms of engines: as its name suggests, the G37 will be keeping the 3.7-litre, 330-hp V6 responsible for the model's success. Inside, Infiniti's favoured style has also been preserved, with its modern dash board and numerous options.

The platform and all other components are directly derived from the current G37, including the suspension and steering systems, which haven't been updated. The manufacturer says, however, that the chassis has been slightly redesigned in order to increase rigidity.