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Nissan Recalling 354,505 Pathfinder SUVs Over Brake Light Issue

2013 Nissan Pathfinder | Photo: Nissan
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Daniel Rufiange
This recall replaces another campaign that affected models from the 2013 and 2014 model-years

Nissan is recalling 354,505 Pathfinder SUVs from the 2013-to-2015 model-years due to a possible problem with the brake light switch. In fact, due to improper installation, the brake lights may remain on even when the brakes are not applied.

This new campaign replaces another recall that affected 2013 and 2014 Pathfinder models. Nissan has stated that it has received a report of an accident that occurred after the first repair. However, the automaker adds that it is not aware of any accidents with other vehicles that were not recalled the first time. Models that were repaired in the previous recall will need to be re-inspected. Nissan is not aware of any injuries that may have occurred in connection with this issue.

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Of the 354,505 Pathfinder units recalled in North America and around the world, 267,276 are in the United States and 29,876 are in Canada. On the Transport Canada website, the problem with the Pathfinder brake lights is described as follows:

“On certain vehicles, the stop lamp switch may not have been installed correctly. Over time, this could cause the stop lamp relay to fail and stick in the on position. If this happens, engine power may be reduced and the brake lights will stay on. Additionally, the vehicle may be started and shifted into gear without pressing the brake pedal.”

- Transport Canada

The agency goes on to explain that “the ability to move the gearshift to a position other than PARK or to start the engine without having to apply the brakes could increase the risk of an accident. Brake lights that remain on may prevent other road users from knowing when the driver is braking. This could increase the risk of an accident.”

To address the problem, Nissan will notify owners by mail asking them to make an appointment with their dealer to have the brake light relay and switch inspected. If the relay has already been repaired (under the previous recall), nothing needs to be done. For all other vehicles, the dealer will make the necessary corrections, either adjusting or moving the brake light switch, and replacing the relay.

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