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Nissan Recalling 91,319 Titan Pickup Trucks

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Nissan is announced it is recalling a little over 91,000 Titan pickup trucks due to a problem with the alternator’s wiring harness.

Documents filed with the American federal transport office, the harness may have been damaged during installation. More specifically, when the engine was lowered into its compartment, the harness may have been displaced, possibly causing a tear in the covering that protects the cables.

In which case, a short-circuit, or what Nissan is terming “abnormal electrical activity” could result. The electrical elements of the vehicle, such as the lights inside the cabin or the radio, could fail to function properly. And as the alternator cables may be affected, the battery could lose its charge after a certain amount of time spent on the road, and the vehicle could simply stall or not start.

In some very rare cases, Nissan refers to a thermal incident inside the engine compartment – in other words, a small fire, one that could quickly grow larger.

The repair to be made to fix the issue is simple. Technicians will inspect every vehicle subject to the recall and see if the harness was damaged, and if it no longer follows the path intended. They will then determine if it is necessary to replace it or moving it to the proper placement will be enough.

Dealerships were advised of the issue last June 26, and owners of affected vehicle should be informed via email in the next two weeks.

For the moment, we do not know if any models in Canada are subject to the recall, but we expect that is the case.

The vehicles affected are 2017-to-2019 Titan trucks fitted with a gasoline engine, which leaves owners of diesel-powered XD versions in the clear. The impacted Titan models were built between April 14, 2016 and October 8, 2018.