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Nissan Unveils Nismo Smart Watch in Frankfurt

Nissan plans to unveil its Nismo smart watch, designed specifically for Nismo owners, at the Frankfurt Auto Show, which opens this week. Nissan is the first manufacturer to offer a watch that connects driver and machine.

This accessory allows drivers to get real-time updates on the performance of their vehicle, such as fuel economy and speed. The watch can also provide specific biometric data such as pulse rate, and is capable of receiving personalized information from Nissan as well.

‘’Wearable technology is poised to take off, and we want to use these technologies to make the Nismo brand more accessible. On the track, Nismo uses the latest biometric technology to train athletes and improve their performance. We want to make these technologies available to our fans in order to enhance their driving capabilities and enhance their Nismo experience,’ explains Gareth Dunsmore, ‎Marketing Communications General Manager at Nissan Europe.

Nissan dévoile sa montre intelligente Nismo
Photo: Nissan