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The Next Nissan Z Will Be Presented on August 17

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A date has been announced for the full unveiling of the next-generation Nissan Z production version. The new edition of the brand's flagship model, which carries the weight of so much of the Japanese automaker’s rich history, will be presented officially on August 17.

Putting a date on a presentation comes as a welcome bit of certainty, because since the unveiling of the Z Proto concept last September, rumours had been flying in all directions regarding the model.

We actually already know a lot about the Z, but not the most crucial stuff. It’s already confirmed the model is getting a twin-turbocharged V6 as well as a manual transmission somewhere in the offering. But we still have not been told what kind of output that powertrain will deliver. The 400-hp figure has already been thrown around, and there was initial speculation of a 400Z designation.

We’ve also been clued in on the next Z’s basic styling, because the production model's design will hew very closely to that of the concept we’ve already met.

But what will the chassis be like, and what kind of handling will it have on the road? And how much will it cost?

Yes there’s still quite a bit of relevant information to come; stay tuned for the big reveal in August., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

Nissan Z Proto
Photo: Nissan
Nissan Z Proto