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NoMoreSMS calls police when you text and drive

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In order to deter drivers from texting behind the wheel, a number of top automakers have joined forces to develop NoMoreSMS, a system that detects cell phone use when driving. It will come standard on all new vehicles starting in 2018. 

Not only that, but NoMoreSMS can even alert local police. The make, model, licence plate number, colour of the vehicle, and its real-time location are just some of the information that can be shared. Police then have the option to catch offenders in the act or send them a big fine my mail, just like cameras do with speeding drivers.

An engineer, James Robinson, came up with the idea after numerous failed attempts by governments to curb texting while driving. 

“Despite all the awareness campaigns and severe punishments to drivers, many people still don't realize the dangers of using a cell phone behind the wheel,” he says. “With NoMoreSMS, we can eliminate this unsafe driving behaviour and ultimately save lives.”

What about other vehicle occupants using their cell phones? They would still be able to text on the road since NoMoreSMS only applies to a Bluetooth-enabled, car-connected device -- in this case the driver's.

On that note, invites you to drive safely. With the rapid progress of technology, news like that may not be April Fool's Day jokes for long.