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Original Window Stickers: Good News for Owners of Old Mustangs

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If you own an old Ford Mustang, here’s some good news for you:  Ford has announced that it is offering reprints of some of its old window stickers. That’s right, those printed documents that include a description and basic specifications of the model offered with, most importantly, the original sale price.

For some collectors, these documents are worth their weight in gold (maybe literally), especially when the time comes to resell a vehicle or simply to have it appraised. A reproduced document might not have the cache or the value of the original, but it’s at the least an interesting add-on to have.

And Ford didn't cut corners. Reprints are entirely faithful to the originals, right down to the size of the sticker and the colours and fonts used at the time. Currently, Ford is making them available for 1987 to 1989 models only, but the company has already announced it will expand the offer to other models.  

For those who are interested, the stickers are available on the Ford Show Parts website for $59.95 USD apiece. Owners need simply enter in the vehicle identification number when ordering to get the exact sticker for their model.

It's worth noting that Ford offers reprints for all its vehicles that are up to 10 years old, but until now, owners wanting a reprint of an older model’s window sticker had to go through a third-party supplier. While on those the information is generally accurate, reprints offered through an intermediary don’t match the original produced by Ford. And for collectors, authenticity is everything.

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Photo: Ford