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A 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C named Pebble Beach 2018 Best of Show

Over the past several days we have presented to you a few of the most noteworthy and exciting concept cars from auto manufacturers at the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, which wrapped up yesterday.

As per tradition, organizers of the event in Monterey presented a Best of Show award to a classic car; this year it went to an absolutely stunning 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Touring Berlinetta.

The Italian beauty, which runs on a 180-hp, 2.9L inline-8 engine belongs to a couple living in Beverly Hills, California. David and Giny Sydorick were presenting their car in public for the first time since it had been restored by a firm in Vancouver, British Columbia.

One of the factors in its favour at the Concours d’Elegance was the authenticity of its restoration. The model was returned to the condition it was in when displayed at the Berlin auto show in 1938. When it comes to Pebble Beach, this kind of faithful restoration is a prime consideration for bestowing Best of Show honours.

The Concours’ president, Sandra Button, acclaimed the car for its combination of styling, speed and even sexiness, adding that the sound produced by the car was another appealing element.

The owner of the winning car explained that though his collection tended more toward Zagato-designed cars, he made an exception with the Alfa Romeo 8C because of its magnificent design by Touring.

“It is a piece of automotive architecture mounted on a grand prix chassis that has technology that was top of the line for prewar cars.”

- David Sydorick, Best of Show car owner

The collector referred to the chassis, but also to the placement of the transmission in the rear of the vehicle, which helped ensure perfect weight distribution. The presence of an independent four-wheel suspension was also quite revolutionary for the period.

The Alfa Romeo 8C beat out two exceptional vehicles for Best of Show, a 1929 Duesenberg Model J and a 1948 Talbot-Lago T26. The latter model made its way all the way from the Czech Republic to participate in the Concours.  

That is Pebble Beach, in a nutshell.

A notable corollary to the 8C’s win at Pebble Beach is that Alfa Romeo is actually currently working on a modern version of the model. It is expected to be ready in 2022, and will run on a hybrid powertrain with an output in excess of 700 hp.

And you can bet on it producing a unique rumble.