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Who sells the most plug-in hybrids in the U.S.?

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Sales figures for June 2018 confirm that, when it comes to sales of plug-in electric cars in the United States, one company stands above the rest.

Of all plug-in electric models sold to American consumers in the month of June, 45% carried the Tesla name. According to the website, the independent automaker sold 11,362 units in that month. The 45% market share represents a new high water mark for Elon Musk’s company.

What’s more, Tesla is even more dominant in the all-electric vehicle category. When removing hybrid vehicles from the count, the company currently holds down 78% of the market – quite a remarkable figure.

The 50% mark
Despite all of the much-reported problems faced by Tesla regarding financing, espionage, profitability and production delays over the past few months, it seems that the future is looking bright for the automaker, at least in terms of its market share on its home turf. With production of the Model 3 now seemingly stable at the targeted 5,000 units-per-week level, and given that demand for the model is growing at such a strong rate that delivery delays have again inched up, it’s expected that Tesla will easily surpass 50% market share, perhaps as soon as this month.

Several of the world’s biggest manufacturers are currently working on models to rival Tesla’s, for example BMW with its i4, Volvo and its Polestar 2 and Volkswagen and its I.D. Crozz. Our recent report on the Top 10 electric SUV concepts in development identifies several more.

These manufacturers will have to get a move on, however, because at present Tesla is in the process of creating a generation of electric mobility-friendly owners who associate themselves with the Tesla brand. If Elon Musk and Co. are able to create strong loyalty among these customers…