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Polestar 2 electric sedan will be at 2019 Geneva Auto Show ahead of 2020 market date

| Photo: Polestar
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Daniel Rufiange
The 400-hp Polestar 2 – range, 500 km - will pave way for a Polestar 3 SUV

As widely reported in recent years, Volvo is in the process of turning its ship in the direction of electric mobility, as part of a seven-year plan. Starting in 2019, every product in the company’s lineup will include at least one electrified variant, and fully electric models will follow. The strategy applies as well to the Polestar brand, whose mandate is to develop high-performance AND electric vehicles.

The first vehicle from the Volvo division (now a stand-alone brand) is the Polestar 1, an imposing coupe with 592 hp at its disposal and a six-figure price tag. The follow-up Polestar 2, as confirmed this week by the automaker, will be a more accessible model, in the style of Tesla’s Model 3, clearly targeted as a direct rival. For the moment anyways, its announced price for the Europe is around 40,000 Euros.

We’ll have to be patient to see what if any are Volvo/Polestar’s plans for the North American market.

Unlike the Polestar 1 hybrid, the Polestar 2 is powered fully by electric power. In fact all Polestar models going forward will be similarly equipped. The company is promising a range of around 500 km for the Polestar 2.

Visually, Polestar is also promising a design signature quite distinct from Volvo’s products, though that might only happen gradually.

| Photo: Polestar

As for distribution, the difference with the way Volvo cars are sold will be more pronounced. Polestar intends to pursue a subscription model, wherein consumers can have access to a car for a fixed monthly price, which will cover maintenance and insurance, for a period of two or three years. Once the subscription expires, the “owner” has the option of returning their model, which can then be offered out at a lower price.   

This sales model is being tried or considered by several manufacturers, and we can expect its use to become more widespread.

Meanwhile the Polestar 2 will be officially presented at the next Geneva auto show in 2019, and distribution should start in 2020.

We’ll be sharing more details with you as soon as they become available, of course – especially as it concerns possible availability on this side of the Atlantic!

| Photo: Polestar
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